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created by Andreea 

An accomplished illustrator, graphic designer,  business development manager, operation manager an entry-level UX/UI designer.


Passionate about delivering innovative, functional, and

user-centred products and services and enthusiastically 

looking for new and exciting opportunities.

I offer graphic design book design book cover design, illustration, concept  art, apparel design, web design and brand design.

My background includes over 12 years in graphic design, and work in several creative design operations overseeing and driving projects and services for a variety of clients. 


I'm a freelanced visual artist, graphic designer and illustrator specialized in combining the traditional with the digital medium to create my own individual and distinct style. 

I have experience in print, graphic design, illustration, and art as well as expertise in diverse mediums such as pen-and-ink and pencil, acrylic, and oil painting as well as proficiency in a variety of art design software applications. 

I am interested in surreal and fantasy art - talented, creative quirky, and original. I am an ardent storyteller and take great pleasure in creating concept art; 

I am innovative with a robust work ethic. I enjoy leadership and organizational challenges with set goals for improvement and innovation.

I have outstanding organizational skills and am capable of taking on multiple responsibilities; Demonstrating excellent networking and communication skills consolidated with a steadfast commitment to top-notch artistic quality and production.

I am proficient in a variety of art design software applications such as application in the Adobe Suite. 

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